Kitchen Glow-up for £13!

When I first moved into my new-build property I found the kitchen was just lacking personality! The plain white doors, wooden tops and chrome handles just weren't doing it for me, but with just moving in and the lack of budget (we all know how costly it is to move house right?) it got me thinking of a budget-friendly solution.

I already had a copper light fitting and kitchen accessories so decided to paint the kitchen handles to match! I didn't like them to begin with so figured what did I have to lose?

I popped along to my local B&Q where there was so many options but decided on Rustoleum multi-surface spray paint in shade 'bright copper'. 

Rustoleum spray paint £13 from B&Q


I started by unscrewing the handles from the doors and lightly sanding them to ensure the paint would adhere then placing them on an old sheet in the garden (make sure you do this outside or in a well ventilated area!). Following the instructions on the tin, I gave the handles a couple of thin coats and followed by a quick spray of lacquer to seal them (I used Rustoleum crystal clear matt).

Once dry, I screwed the handles back on and was SO impressed with the simple and effective transformation! The copper worked so well with the wooden worktops and added that bit of personality it was previously lacking. 2 years on and they're still going strong and receive a lot of compliments from guests too. Why not give it a go in your kitchen? 

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